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Parent & Player Info From Head Coach

Schedule for Week of July 27

Monday, July 27 4:00-5:30 pm - Helmet and Shoulder Pad Issue (for those who have not done this yet)

Tuesday, July 28 - Thursday, July 30 5:30-8 p.m.Same practice format as before. 5:30-6:00 Classroom/Whiteboard, 6-8 on the field.     

Lions Football,

Happy Easter. I know right now, with the virus, everything is unsettled, and nobody knows when we can get back to normal. But If you think back to the very first Easter Sunday, it came two days after everything seemed lost and hopeless to those original followers of Jesus. I'm sure none of them knew what was going to happen next, they were unsure and felt lost. But only a few days later everything was reborn, and they found their way.

Regarding football I don't have a timetable for when everything can get back on track. The MN State High School League and school ADs are focusing on if they can save the 2020 spring sports seasons right now.  But I know, and have faith that things will get better, and soon enough we will be able to get back on the field together. As soon as I hear anything I promise I will share with you all right away.

I also know that we are basically at the halfway point of the off-season between the 2019 Banquet and the start of official football on August 17th. It's going fast, and if we want to be great this season we need to put in the work now. I know your options are limited, but find a way, anyway, to work on your strength and conditioning. Anything you can do is better than doing nothing. People who are successful always find a way. Improvise, adapt and overcome.

For some workout ideas at home go to  They are releasing new videos all time for exercises and training you can do while stuck at home. Reach out to me or your position coaches for ideas if you are stuck as to what to do.

Stay safe and healthy. Be positive and keep the faith.


Happy Easter!

Go Lions!

Colin Rooney

Head Football Coach

Providence Academy