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Letter from Lions Booster Club President

Dear Lions Football Families,

Thanks again for another great season of Lions Football! We are looking forward to celebrating the teams’ success at the banquet on December 8th and to especially recognize our seniors. We hope to see you all there!

As many of you know, the Lions Football Boosters Board is managed by a working board of volunteers excited to support the football program through fundraising events and organization of supportive initiatives. A few examples of the support provided by the boosters include professional photography and videography for home games, programs, additional equipment for the team, weekly pasta dinners, senior night, parent tailgating event and the season end banquet. This year the boosters provided additional support for upgraded transportation and travel meals for the trip to Stewartville which the players really appreciated.

We are currently seeking board members for the 2020 season. The board is comprised of a minimum of seven and a maximum of ten. Ideally, the board includes parent representation from all four co-op schools – Providence Academy, Maranatha Christian Academy, Heritage Christian Academy and West Lutheran High School.  Members serve one-year terms and are installed in February to assist with planning throughout the spring and summer. Board meetings are held monthly but frequency may increase August through November. The time commitment varies by responsibility but is a minimum of 10 hours per month during the football season.

If you would like to volunteer or nominate a booster member, please submit name(s) to Jodi Arlt at by 5:00 pm on Friday, November 22nd. Also, please feel free to contact any booster board member if you would like more information.

If more than 10 volunteers/nominations are received, a ballot listing all nominees will be emailed to booster members for voting in early December.

Thank you for considering becoming a booster board member and/or nominating those who could play an invaluable role supporting our Lions football team!


Maggie McGurl, President

Rachael Meissner, Vice-President

Theresa Lampe, Treasurer

Jodi Arlt, Secretary

Chad Ahlers, Renee Allerheiligen, Ester Halek and JoEllyn Wicht - Members


Parent Meeting Video Now Available

For those who were not able to join the Lions preseason parent meeting, replay is now available at:



Game Stream

NCAA Eligibility Center

You need to be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center to compete at an NCAA Division I or II school. Create a Certification Account and we'll guide you through the process.

Minnesota-Scores: Providence Academy Football

About Fosston beat Win-E-Mac by 3......what does that mean? Should Fosston have won by 25, or was Win-E-Mac supposed to win? was started in 2002 to try and make sense of the scores in the newspaper. If after viewing the Fosston/Win-E-Mac score you go to the standings page and see that Fosston was 5-0 and Win-E-Mac was 4-1, you now know what that score means, and you don't have to go to the newspaper to get the score. Along the road to getting together, I created a new formula for comparing teams from across the state. It's NOT a poll and has no human input, so it's about as unbiased as it can get. Check out the QRF Explanation for more detailed information, but I'm sure you'll find it interesting, if nothing else. Thanks for visiting and make sure you tell your friends about us!!

Minnesota State High School League

The Minnesota State High School League is a voluntary, nonprofit association of public and private schools with a history of service to Minnesota's high school youth since 1916. Today, nearly 500 schools are members of the League. Most - about 435 - are actual high schools. The remainder are either special schools or home schools. These member schools provide opportunities for athletics and fine arts competition for more than 200,000 high school students statewide each year. Member schools annually choose to join the League. The League exists to provide competitive, equitable and uniform opportunities for high school students to learn valuable lessons through participation in athletics and fine arts. The League also provides support for member schools with programs that address sportsmanship, chemical health, scholarship recognition. The League also oversees more than 4,500 registered contest officials and judges. The League provides educational programs for coaches. The Minnesota State High School League neither solicits nor receives any state funding. Most revenue comes from state tournament ticket sales, broadcast rights, and corporate partnerships, plus some from the sale of tournament merchandise. The League also annually returns hundreds of thousands of dollars to schools which had participants in state tournaments and contests to help offset the costs associated with "Going to State."


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